Naas AC League 2019 Rules

Participants can compete in as many of the listed events as they choose.
Participants must complete a minimum of 6 of the 17 races listed to score.
Each runner’s best 6 results from the listed events for the year will be used to calculate final league tables and prizes.
Runners are responsible for registering themselves for each event.
Runners must ensure they are registered for ‘Naas AC’ in the team field for each race.
Runners must wear the club singlet or club running top at each race.
Separate league tables will be kept for M, F and Fit4Life athletes.
Previous race PBs must be declared before the first event.
When race dates are updated, further information will be available on this website and on the Club Facebook page.

For each league table (M/F/Fit4Life):
1st runner home registered as Naas AC is awarded 20 points.
2nd runner home registered as Naas AC receives 19 points, and so on up to the 20th runner, who receives 1 point.
Any runner who achieves a PB in an event also receives a bonus of 20 points.
Any runner who competes in the County Masters, County XC or Millbrook Cup races also receives a 20 point bonus.