Club Cross Country – Sunday 26 September

Hi all,

Ahead of the upcoming Cross Country season the Club will stage a club cross country event at the track at the Caragh Road on Sunday 26 September commencing at 10am. This event is being staged to give athletes of all ages the chance to test themselves ahead of the County Cross Country Championships which are due to take pace on 3 and 10 October (more details to follow in due course). In this context it is important that coaches encourage as many as possible of the athletes they coach to participate and especially those younger athletes who due to Covid 19 have not yet had the opportunity to participate in a cross country event. 

The timetable for the day and the distances to be run by the various age groups will be as follows –
10am: Girls and Boys U9 – 250m; Girls and Boys U10 – 500m
10.20am: Girls and Boys U11 – 1000m; Girls and Boys U12 – 1000m; Girls and Boys U13 – 1500m
11.00am: Girls U14/U15 – 2000m; Boys U14/U15/U16 – 2000m; Girls U16/U17 – 2000m
11.30am: U18+ Girls/Women 2500m; U17+ Boys/Men 3000m

There will be medals for the first three home in each event.

AAI have confirmed that with effect from 20 September that there are no restrictions on the number of athletes that can participate in cross country events nor on the number of spectators who can attend. While this is the case AAI have stressed that those attending such events should practice appropriate social distancing, good hygiene and mask wearing. An example of this in our case would be that all adults and older children (from 12 upwards I believe) are required to were a a face covering if using the buildings in the Naas Sports Centre (where the toilets are located). While our athletes are already aware of this requirement it might do no harm if coaches were to advise parent who might potentially attend this event.

Any questions give me a shout and I look forward to seeing everyone on the 26th.

Martin Luby (Competitions Secretary).